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While your residential and commercial heating and cooling equipment shares the workload, the duct system impacts temperature control all year round. Heated/cooled air passes through this essential network of pipes multiple times per day. Even minor holes, leaks, and imperfections allows conditioned air to escape, pulls in outside air, places added wear and tear on components, increases running costs, diminishes comfort, and degrades indoor air quality. When you call on the experts from Clayton Brothers Heating & Air for professional duct sealing, installation, replacement, or repair, our services pay for themselves.

Professional Duct Sealing Service

Clayton Brothers Heating & Air offers a full range of duct optimization services in East Bay & Contra Costa County. We don’t rely on guesswork to make recommendations or sell you something you don’t need. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the licensed specialists from Clayton Brothers Heating & Air accurately pinpoint issues with the duct system, targeting maximum airflow, energy efficiency, reliability, and longevity. Whether there is a problem with design, corrosion, contamination, or leaks, we solve it. Rest assured, our team is prepared with the specialized equipment and expertise to complete every job quickly and properly, with no damage to existing equipment, safety risks, or disruption of your home. Contact Clayton Brothers Heating & Air at 925-331-8388​ for further information, convenient scheduling, and cost-effective solutions across Clayton & Concord, CA.

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