While a tightly sealed home is necessary to prevent energy waste, maximize comfort, and avoid needlessly high utility costs, you may be faced with Indoor Air Quality issues. Contaminants are trapped inside, continuously circulated, and breathed by occupants. With sources of air pollution in every room in the house, indoor air is typically five times more harmful than outdoor air. At Clayton Brothers Heating & Air, we pinpoint and effectively resolve a wide range of challenges for home and business owners across East Bay & Contra Costa County. Relying on state-of-the-art technology to isolate and combat concerns, we deliver long-term and cost-effective solutions.

Reliable Indoor Air Quality Solutions

The team from Clayton Brothers Heating & Air remains current with industry-evolving technology, offering a broad selection of innovative, whole-home indoor air quality accessories, which are compatible with nearly any type of HVAC system. From problems with excessive or insufficient humidity to stale air, bacteria, fumes, and airborne pollutants, we customize recommendations and provide low-maintenance, energy efficient, virtually silent options.

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Improvement to air quality protects against damage to home furnishings, wear and tear on HVAC components, health risks, discomfort, bad smells, bacterial growth, and much more. You’ll not only benefit from a cleaner, healthier indoor environment, but enjoy superior comfort, a better night’s sleep, and greater productivity. Give Clayton Brothers Heating & Air a call at 925-331-8388​ for a personalized strategy that’s ideal for your specific goals. We offer dedicated service throughout Clayton & Concord, CA.